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Hi! I'm André Pulcino.

This website is a personal documentation of my participation in Fab Academy 2018, at Fab Lab Barcelona.

About Me

I am a Brazilian entrepreneur and executive manager, with a Bachelor's degree in Communication (Journalism) and an MBA in Creative Leadership, currently based in Barcelona. After working for 18 years on the Visual FX industry in Sao Paulo - Brazil, I've moved to Europe 2 years ago, where I have worked on the ideation and strategy of innovative products and services for the News Industry, as the COO of a Video News Agency based in Berlin back in 2016 and as the COO of a News Outlet in Paris, where I have helped structuring and launching a TV channel from zero to completion, throughout 2017.


What if we were only 5 clicks away from being heard?

My project is to build a simple polling device that follows the same logic as Fab Labs' Smart Citizen platform, but, instead of capturing hard data about the environment, crowdsources soft data from the citizens.

More about it here .


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