Fab Academy 2018

Hello World!

You made it. Welcome to my repo. Here, have a checkbox: If you're curious and you know it have some more :)

I'm Nico from Fab Lab Barcelona. This website documents my adventures during the 2018 Fab Academy. If digital fabrication sounds like sci-fi to you, fear not, you're in the right place. On the one hand, it's geek-speak for how to turn code into things, which is mind-blowing because I'm told it's how they make tea in StarTrek. On the other, it's the latest manifestation of a digital revolution thats been rocking our world since the advent of digital circuits, personal computers and the World Wide Web. Fab Academy is a globally distributed curriculum where we learn how to make stuff with crazy tools, prototype ideas, and share our many trials and errors on sites such as this one. Our skipper is Neil Gershenfeld. He's a legend.


I joined FabAcademy because i'm interested in how digital fabrication can empower communites, and bring about radical economic and social change. Whether in building sustainable cities, open-source economies, Earthships, floating fablabs, re-imagining education or solving urgent humanitarian needs; i see digital fabrication bringing creative and productive power back to communities. That said, I'm skeptical of techno-utopias and believe we are less than the sum of our biochemical algorithms. As Arthur C. Clarke put it, it has yet to be proven that intelligence has any survival value. So while i question the need (let aside ability) to make almost anything, I’m equally motivated by the desire to reinvent what it means to be human. For more about stuff click on.

Final Project

Here below I outline a few rough ideas, sketches, brainstorms and mindmaps for my final project. At this stage I am still not 100 percent clear on what to do but every idea must start with a blinking LED, right?


  1. Principles and Practices
  2. Project Management
  3. Computer Aided Design
  4. Computer Controlled Cutting
  5. Electronics Production
  6. 3D Scanning and Printing
  7. Electronics Design
  8. Computer Controlled Machining
  9. Embedded Programming
  10. Mechanical Design
  11. Machine Design
  12. Output Devices
  13. Moulding and Casting
  14. Input Devices
  15. Wild Card Week
  16. Networking and Communications
  17. Interface and Application Programming
  18. Applications and Implications
  19. Invention and Intellectual Property
  20. Project Development