About Me

Who I am

Originally from Tallinn, Estonia, I have been living and working, with some interruptions, in the Netherlands for almost 14 years. I came here to study architecture at the Technical University of Delft where I gained my BSc and MSc degrees. During my studies I also worked as an architect. After my graduation in Delft I became interested in the high performance textile materials and their application in architecture, especially in extreme environments, which is why I decided to pursue my second MSc in textile technology at the University of Manchester in the UK. In Manchester I did research into textile and composite applications in space structures and developed a self-deployable origami composite structure for a habitat in space. After the graduation I was lucky enough to get a position as a researcher in the Advanced Concepts Team at ESTEC/ ESA in the field of space architecture and infrastructure. At the moment I am focusing on in situ resource utilisation and in-space manufacturing of space structures, such as habitats in the orbit, on the Moon or Mars. I am also leading a project for the establishment of a Fab Lab at the premises of ESTEC.