About me

make every effort to realise your dream. That's the meaning of life

I am PengWang, I am a ordinary teacher for STEAM , and We have great team to develop all kinds of lectures of K-12, I'm really love with my teamates to have all kinds of great ideas for teaching and realise ideas. I can't agree more with the concept of "learning by doing" of fablab, and this is also the key concept which I want to share with my students. When I was very young, I began to interest in science,maths,engineering and technology. but at that time a few people know fablab. but today, it's totally different, all kinds tools, development boards, even including digital equipments like 3d printer or cnc become very cheap ,we can easlily build a mirco fablab in our community or even in our home, this is really amazing, like professor Neil said now is the prelude Personal Manufacturing, I am really exciting for this !!!


  • Cofounder of Beijingfablab
  • love sicence and technology
  • love to share good ideas with people
  • want to make more friends
  • want to everyfamily has a micro fablab to make things they want


supply-side time management
parallel development,spiral development

Final project


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