About me

I am an engineer did my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering  ,and interested in developing product for household needs and things related to social need  ,i am doing fab academy as i love concept of making almost everything and for  learning product development and designing techniques this is good platform and  you get to explore new ways of prototyping apart from this i  also want to to be part of global community from whom i can learn and share my knowledge .


My Activities at Fablab Cept

 I am working as a  Research assistant   i  Conduct  Machine training sessions of  laser cutting , CNC and 3d printing  for cept students and other fablab members  and helping students in operating machines ,troubleshooting and doing regular maintenance of machine

Participation in Research Project at fablab

i  worked on Delta clay  printer which is a research project of cept summer winter school , i  have contribution in designing parts , Assembly of printer  , we used marlin firmware with repetier host for controlling machine movement and grasshopper for slicing


Credit : Fablab Cept


                                                                                   My Previous Projects

Sole Cleaning Machine

All Season Water Tank

Air Power Car Frame

Water heating system

Robo soccer

Sole Cleaning Machine

A machine  a vacuum suction technique for cleaning  sole of your shoe as when someone stands over it and rub his shoe /slipper,  machine will start automatically and collect all dust in vacuum cleaner attached

All season water tank

a tank have three chambers , top one for normal water , middle one for solar heated water , bottom one   for electric heated water , so it is combine model of three things  which will  be install at your roof and save your space for managing  daily water requirement


Air Power Car

car body is design in such a manner that when air blows inside from front section it will make turbine rotate inside the tunnel which are coupled with dynamo hence generate electricity


Water heating system

it is based on thermosyphon phenomenon which is also used in solar heating system so i made this for heating water for cleaning utensils in our college mess so at the time of cooking chapaties we use this setup to heat water as it won't effect on heating require for cooking chapati .

 Robo soccor robot

This i made for robotic soccer competition in our college where i have used dc 12 volt motor to control my bot , we are assigned with task of putting ball in arena using robot jaws ,i use DPDT switches to control my bot .


My Experience and Internships

Oct 2017 -Present - Research Assistant at Fablab Cept

                                  Roles and Responsibility

                                 1 Conducting 3d printing ,laser cutting and CNC Machine training  for Cept students.

                                 2 Doing regular maintenance of 3d printer and laser cutting machine.

                                 3 Handling daily activities as inventory management and helping students in CNC, laser cutting work in lab

                                 4 Involvement in research projects of lab, Recent – Development of Delta Clay Printer

                                 5 Conducted summer workshop ( Joy of Making ) for school students in lab.


1  Rapid Manufacturing Lab IIT Bombay

    December 2015 – January 2016

    Worked on additive and subtractive manufacturing process ,

 2 Fusion Industries Ltd. Bhagwanpur, Roorkee

    June 2016 - July 2016


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I am open for any good opportunity to work in Research and development sector of industry, Fablabs , Incubation centers, Tech Startups etc.

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Mail    igauravwadhwa@gmail.com

Mob   +919760791831

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