Individual Assignment:

Design and build a wired &/or wireless network connecting at least two processor

Group assignment:

send a message between two projects, my contribution in this to communicate between my two final Projects boards

Learning from this week

1 Communicating with 2 boards using bluetooth module

2 Communication between two modified shashakit boards( my  final projects boards)

Files of this week

 1 program file

Task for this Week

for this week we need to communicate between to two boards using any other board , i.e one master and two or more slave ,i used my phone to control two board which i made in week7 here my phone is master which is communicating with slave which are two board

What my App Will do

In My app i add two button which are board 1 and board 2 in this board 1 is for controlling /making led glow of board 1 and board2 button will  glow led on board 2 in this way one master will communicate with 2 slave

Mobile Application

I made app using mit app inventor about mit app inventor and steps for making app i have documented in week 13 (link for week 13 ) this is really good platform and i want to explore it more so i used this for this week assignment also

Designer View of App

This is simple app in this i have used two buttons for two boards i.e for board 1 and board 2 and bluetooth for connectivity i.e it will connect my app with board

Blocks View of mobile App

Program for Board 1

Regarding led glow

for board 1 i have 2 led connected at pin 4 and pin1 for pin 4 led i named it led A and pin 2 led i named it led B here i keep ledB

glowing so i come to know that my board is connected and getting power and for led A i control using mobile application

Regarding connectivity

i used pin 2 and pin 0 of my board to make it tx and rx pin as using software serial i can assign any pin to rx and tx for serial communication as i used two same board so this pin are same in both boards

in my app block code i used 'o ' as return value for on pressing board one button so i compare with 0 value

Program for Board 2

in my app block code i used '1' as return value for on pressing board 2  button so i compare with 1 value here else code is same as program for board 1

Connecting board

Final Video of Working

Communication between my two final projects board using serial communication

I did this for group work ,all the details regarding connection diagram and program code , i write  in  group work ,you will find on our group page of week 14