Week 18

Application and Implementation

Final project -Omni Bot

Propose a final Project Masterpiece

About Omni Bot

Omni bot , A host bot with Multiple Attachment / End factors having utilities in Random Drawing and Floor Cleaning and lot more as per user your need you can use it wit some modifications .

Features of Omni Bot

1 Omni bot is bot which move in both x-y axis independently .

2 It can be control by bluetooth Control Mobile Application

3 Multiple heads / Attachment to bot which allow it to use for Various Purpose, i am using it for cleaning floor

4 Stable geometry for your heads attachment i.e head is in center of bot

Utility of Bot

1 Floor cleaning purpose as it have detachable floor attachment for mob and dusting pad so you can easily remove that and put back for cleaning your floor

2 Cleaning roof mounted solar panels as it can move on your roof mounted solar panels to clean them.

3 Scrabble drawing robot - as the central attachment you can fix its drawing color head which will allow you to play with this to draw on sheet or floor aaa

Why Omni Bot

Considering the utility of cleaning robot for residential demands need for bot which can be use for more than one purpose as they may use it for dusting floor , mobbing the floor, cleaning roof mounted panels  with detachable attachments which can be easily cleaned and replaceable and have low cost considering its utilities omni bot is perfect solution to this and this have moduler board with extra i/o pins so you can attach any sensors etc on this


what they have done

1 Machine Design Project of fablab opendot

they made omni bot for a ping pong ball shooter that will point a guided direction, raising its board and launching the ball through rotating wheels, and a guideline, and will shoot the ping pong balls

there bot having omni wheels which are for stepper motors as it have attachemnt for nema 17 stepper but i am using dc motor so ,i only take design referance and make diffrent wheel as per my motor shaft

What i will design

 Mechanical Design

1 in my bot i am designing new structure for bot whose central part have detachable attachments

2 i am designing multiple mounting cleaning heads Attachments for bot which can be attached in center of bot and possibly one drawing head

3 i am designing my own omni wheel for the robot

Electronics Design

1 I am designing modular board, like the satsha kit or fab

   kit, to which you can connect , motor driving shield

   connected , bluetooth  and external sensor if required

2 I am also desiging motor driving shield for bot

Mobile Application


For controlling bot

Materials and Components will be used with cost

Where will they come from?

1  Acrylic sheet , mdf ,  steel rods , mob ,microfiber round brush , motor coupling will be bought from local  market as this things are available in old city , a famous marketplace in Ahmadabad city Media

2 most of the electronics component are available in lab as they are part of standard fablab inventory so i used them and i purchased l293d motor driver and 12 dc battery from market

What parts and systems will be made?

 1 mechanical structure of bot , attachments holdings and omni wheels

 2 electronics moulder board with l293d  shield

 3 application for controlling bot


What tasks need to be completed?

if we see this project  in terms of work need to be done this is splited in the following major task

1 figuring out the basic design of bot - 90 % done

2 figuring out the design for attachment and attachments need to be set for cleaning - 60% done

3 cad modeling of bot - 60% done

4 electronics production - 100% done

5 mechanical modeling of bot i.e physical structure - 20%


What processes will be used?

1 Laser cutting  - For making chassis of bot

                            - For making motor holding

                            - case for circuit

2 3d printing     -  For making roller and wheel hub

                            - For making attachment holder for mob

3 Vinyl cutting   - For making logo of omni bot

4 Electronics production  -   For making the final board of omni bot

                                               - For making motor driving shield

5 Electronics Programing    - For programing the board

6 Interface and Application - For controling bot using bluetooth controled app

What Questions need to be answered?

1 Movement of Bot on smooth surface i.e glass

2 Weight of bot so it will not effect the plates

3 How many end factors should it have to properly serve its purpose

How will it be evaluated?

it should be evaluated on it's utility and the process involved in making this , As this project involve most of the skills which i learn during my weekly assignment as this involve additive and subtractive ,manufacturing technique and input and output devices as motors for output  and bluetooth for input and electronics production etc.

Future scope of project

As this is an omni bot which can move independently in x and y axis so and you can set any end factor on it so it have vast  scope of development .

1 it is a cleaning bot but here i use only mobbing attachment you can use vacuum cleaning attachment with this etc.

1 It can be modified to playing bot with modification in end factor , as you can design a game with this bot refer the reference above for this

2  it can be modified to as omni drawing bot -  a bot which can make drawing very large sheet  etc, for this you need to replace dc motor used in it with stepper motors and add steeper motor shield to my final board and attach drawing end factor to make it drawing bot

3 it can be modified to as omni laser engraving bot -a bot which can engrave on large surface that is my next goal which i will do after fabacademy