About Me

I’m an artist, architect and entrepreneur. Seven years ago, I co-founded NuVu Studio, an innovation school for middle and high school students (a mini-Media Lab of sorts) that builds creative skills in youth with a strong focus on real world interdisciplinary projects. Students at NuVu collaborate with experts on projects such as 3D printed prosthetics to occupational therapy toys for kids with CP to brainwave-generated art. NuVu is based in Cambridge, but our work expands to cities around the world.

Prior to founding NuVu, I studied architecture and urban design at MIT, and worked on many projects in South America, Asia and the Middle East that focused on revitalizing urban centers and designing new health-science-technology buildings. I also design and build large-scale interactive art installations that use technology and biofeedback to raise social awareness and strengthen community (Pulse and Bloom). I spend a lot of time in California and Massachusetts, as well as in India. This year, I am an Affiliate at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society. While at Berkman, I am continuing my research on youth, education and technology with a focus on platforms for enabling creative thinking and collaborative design.