Final Project: Concept Development

Initial Sketches

:: January 30, 2018 ::

I have three different project ideas for the final project: Interactive Incentive Spirometer, Coding & Rhyming and Augmented Table.

Idea No. 1: Interactive Incentive Spirometer

Sketches of an incentive spirometer integrated with Grove's flower Incentive Spirometer (photo credit: wikiHow) Grove's flower with breath sensor

The Interactive Incentive Spirometer is a more engaging and calming preventive method for post-surgery patients to practice breathing exercises to avoid serious lung infections. An incentive spirometer is a device that is used to keep patient’s lungs healthy after surgery or when they have a lung illness, e.g. pneumonia. Using this device, helps the user practice taking slow deep breaths. This process helps open the airways, prevent fluid or mucus build up in the lunds, and ultimately makes it easier for the user to breathe. This concept combines elements of one of my prior projects (Grove) that I had created a year and half ago with the Spirometer.

Idea No. 2: Coding & Rhyming

Sketches of the interactive elements of Coding & Rhyming

Coding & Rhyming is a tangible tool for preschoolers and school-age students to get introduced to coding fundamentals in a fun and multi-sensory embedded with storytelling.
Some of the key aspects of Coding & Rhyming:

  • Tangible blocks/elements which have recording function to record sounds & words
  • Kids can re-arrange the blocks/elements based on coding principles and then hear sounds
  • Includes pre-recorded sounds

  • Idea No. 3: Smart Lunchbox

    Sketches of the modular features of Smart Lunchbox

    The Smart Lunchbox is a modular, smart lunchbox that can adapt to a user’s daily needs while keeping track of the nutritional aspects of the meal.