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I'm Hussain Alhudhud, having a Bachelor Degree in Computer and Information Science from Purdue University, Indianapolis at IUPUI campus

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a little more about Hussain

Calligrapher, Writer (Arabic articles) and Fablaber (Digital Fabrication)

Mr. Hussain Alhudhud is currently an Operation Manager at FABLAB Dhahran. In addition, he trained to use machines in FABLAB Dhahran as Laser Cutter, CNC, and Vinyl Cutter, which is designs by using inkscape program in 2D Design.

Mr. Hussain is innovative, responsible trainer and Admin Officer / Facilitator, focused on finding alternatives in creative ways and capable of working in diverse environment.

Group Final Project

It's a smart stroller that includes a tracking system with auto detection for intelligent movement. The project allows the parents to go out safely and save time and efforts instead of pushing it and making sure it will be around them. The stroller is well-structured stable design contains additional features to keep things.

Me and Yousef are going to work in this project