Embedded Programming



  • Group Asignments
    Compare the performance and development workflows for other architectures

  • Individual Asignment
    Read a microcontroller data sheet program your board to do something, with as many different programming languages and programming environments as possible


Group Asignments


We searching for some software to make the code for the board and with see for Arduino IDE and Fritzing but they can't make the simulation.

in a pass time i used circuit of autodesk but they canceled the software make incorporated on TinkerCAD and the last is Visuino but they have her own electronic components.

Individual Asignment


After reading the datasheet of each component attiny 44,45 and it is very interesting what this small chip can do, it also has a clock pulse graph."my question is if you can use attiny 45 and 44 in a single circuit, which can communicate and work together with multitasking processes in parallel (real time)" I was able to identify the analogue input and output to be able to program and load the card's finware that we have in the Fab Tutorial

I have used the Arduino IDE on MAC for programming the hello board.In the programming, I wrote that when the button is pressed the led with an animation on and off a few seconds using the arduino example. i use the avrmkII tu verify the board it work. them i download the attiny 44 library for the arduino.

in the arduino ide we selected the configuration to burn the board like what board(attiny 44), port and the programmer (avrmnkII) and the last process is burn board.

when the board is burned. i use the arduino example of blink, only we put or change the input pin number. and upload to the board.

them i use the button example of arduino. see the video.