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Fab Academy 2018

Let's try to make almost anything

Weekly Assigments

  1. Project Management
  2. Computer Aided Design CAD
  3. Computer Controlled Cutting
  4. Electronics Production
  5. 3D Scanning and Printing
  6. Electronics Design
  7. Computer-Controlled Machining
  8. Embedded Programming
  9. Molding and Casting
  10. Input Devices
  11. Ouput Devices
  12. Interface and Application Programming
  13. Networking and Communications
  14. Mechanical Design
  15. Machine Design
  16. Wildcard Week
  17. Applications and Implications
  18. invention, intellectual property, and income

Final Project



About Me

Israa Rabbaa

I'm a Palestinian Mechatronics engineer

Studied Mechanical/Mechatronics engineering at PPU university-Palestine

Now studying master of Mechatronics engineering at JUST university-Jordan

I'm interested in 3D design and printing so happy and excited to be a student of Fab Academy 2018

email: isra_rabbaa@outlook.com