Week16 : Machine Design

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Node : Fablab Kamakura

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previously in MTM

We could sort of actuate and automate our CoreXY, but we had remaining problems to address.

tilted pen

Daisuke redesigned a pen holder. What he did was to make the leg long which could reduce the vibration during plotting.

Here was the evolution of pen holders. Rightmost one was the final design.

See detailed documentation at Doyo Daisuke’s documentation page.

mirrored image problem

Jun examined the wiring combinations between motor drivers and stepper motors to draw an image as it should be. He found the right connection and here is the result.

See detailed documentation at Jun Kawahara's documentation page.

fragile housing problem

Kai redesigned enclosure. What he did was to make the height of housing same as a stepper motor's. Before modification, a motor was hanging from the beam of housing.

See detailed documentation at Kai Naito's documentation page.

preparation for plotting

CoreXY plotter was not able to connect components by just drawing. So we handwrote terminals beforehand.

It's kind of SMD(surface mount device).

We checked conductivity before final performance.

Ok, Lights, Camera, Action!