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Final Project

About Me

My name is Christian Cárdenas, I was born Cali, Colombia. I grew up with a small but very close family of four. Since I was a child, the mathematics and the puzzle games were, and still are, my favorites. That´s why I developed a skill in math and in general the basic sciences. After the culmination of my college studies I had the opportunity to travel to Mexico and continue my studies in one of the best research centers in the country. Since then I lived very happy in Mexico, where also had the opportunity to start a career as an educator in higher education institutions. The education and the research has become my two biggest passions. I consider myself as a dedicated person who puts all its efforts in completing its goals and projects.

I obtained my bachelor degree in materials engineering at Universidad del Valle in Cali-Colombia. My thesis was center in multilayer coatings of CrN and TiN with magnetron sputtering. Then I obtained a scholarship of the Mexican government (Conacyt) to perform a master degree in materials science at Cinvestav – IPN (Centro de investigación y estudios avanzados del instituto politécnico nacional) in the city of Querétaro. During this master studies I specialized in theoretical studies of magnesium oxide by first principles and DFT theory. During my short time as an educator I have delved in the study of the basic sciences in all his levels.