My finial project is a Flexible PCB digital machine which can pirnt conductor and insulator together.In this period , I want to print a hardware(for example recording wristband) with the help of this machine

This machine's nozzle can print conductive silver ink on base board,and then maker can use another method to SMT

  • Nozzle1 print TPU material for flexible part,every layer is about 0.2mm
  • NozzlePrint2 PLA material for support part,every layer is about 0.2mm
  • Two potential method to make the circui
    • Nozzle3 print the glue,put the sheet copper,and use milling handle to cutter the copper
    • Nozzle3 print Conductive silver paste on PCB path
  • Locate electric part on the PCB path
  • Heat and solidify
  • Nozzle1 or nozzle2 print material to cover surface

  • More information