Electronics Design

Group members

The group work for this week was using a test equipment in fab lab Oulu in order to observe the operation of a microcontroller circuit board. Since we had tested our boards individually beforehand with multimeter, we already knew that the board that we are gonna use is connected properly. We used Jari's board for measuring the signal using oscilloscope.

Work Description

We connected the board to the oscilloscope with black wire going to the ground plate and red one to 4th pin.

We used putty to check the connection to the board and to send data.

From oscilloscope pressed single to reset view and get one signal. On the oscilloscope view we could see that pulse width is 8,643us, which is approximately the inversed baud rate of the terminal, 115200.

So we knew we had pressed U in the terminal. To interpret the signal, we needed to remove the LSB(least significant bit) from the start, and remember that the order of the bits are reversed, we consulted the ASCII table for binary/hex translation.

So, 01010101 reversed is 10101010, and adding LSB to the start, which is another 0, we get 010101010. Now to check oscilloscope:

It matches!