Networking and Communications

Group members

This week we were supposed to send a message between two projects.

Work description

We worked with Behnaz's and Jari's projects to send a message between them. The aim was to light leds with signals sent from the two different projects to each other.

Jari had built a hub for Rx and Tx signals. We used nodes from Behnaz and nodes from Jari, and connected them with Jari's Hub.

setupAttaching the nodes.

codeOur combined network setup.

We didn't have to make any changes to code to send a signal to other project and to lit a led. Behnaz used Neil's code in her nodes, which sends the message several times through the network, where Jari's nodes will respond to any message going in the network.

signal sentMessage going in the network. Jari's nodes are lit for any message, while Behnaz's nodes lit sequentially. In here, Jari's nodes are lit, Behnaz's has Node 1 lit.