all about final project here

Not decided on a final look, but I have thought of creating light that will change color by sound.
It will contain a microphone, speaker, LED light or string. Will use an plugged in or battery for energy source.

Will use 3D printing, Shopbot and laser to design a look.

Have not decided what kind of an a equipment to use for programming because I do not have enough knowledge in that area, but I will learn about it.

Picture frame which will also be a clock, will have rastered picture that allows light to shine through. Will have simple clock devices in the back that will be fasten to the frame but with space to change batteri.

The picture will be in two pices, clear akryl plate and thin wood. Will glue them together and press. Then I will raster the wood off where the picture is. That will allow the ligth to shine through and make a beautiful image. Now i have to find out how to press bigger pice so it will glue well together.

Did try out different kind of settings for the laser, first I did speed 30 / power 100 but that did not go through so I did add speed 15/ power 100 over the other one, that whent through but I do not like the idea to have to go two rounds so I tried one only with speed 15/ power 100 and that went through so I will be using that setting for my final image.

In the back off the picture will be LED light that will be conected to microphone and the light will change color after the level of sound in the room. The light will have red, orange and yellow, which will be a reference to the sunrise and sunset. In contrast, it will have blue and green lights that will point to the northern lights.

Þarf að setja upp hljóðnema, stýringu og svo tengingu við ljósin.