So my project is to make molding and casting, I had a brain game that I wanted do make.

I used Silicon rubber to make a mold of the pieces.

First, follow the instructions and keep in mind using single-use tools as you do not want to clean them, it is no fun :)

After putting the pieces in the bowl and pouring the silicone over it, it became clear that the pieces had lifted up,
which meant that the thickness of them did not turn out when the plastic material had been poured and harden.

So I made a new silicon mould where I put a double tape into the bottom and put the pieces in it,
but the silicon managed to slide little bit under the pieces,

but still much better.

In the second mould it was possible to cut right over the plastic pieces and then they were in the correct size.

I'm happy with this, but I have to say that I have to do it differently if I'm going to get more accurate outcome with this method.