This week we did a big group project, to test our laser. We made a square 50X50 mm and cut in different materials, plywood, acryl and mdf. here you can see the results.

As you can see it is not wery accuret, it dose not even have the same with and high.
I also made some parametric forms in Fusion, I put a ridge on the corners for a better assembly.

We did also different kind of patterns, my test wore to small so some of them did not work, one of them even broke.

VINYLCUTTER, I made a TMNT print for my son, he is a big fan. So what I did was to find a image online and bring it to Inkscape. There I could work with the image and change it to path using Path/trace bitmap. I also had to combine all of the TMNT in one image and fix them a little bit. They had no eyes so I added them to the path.

I put in a video so you can see how to get the path ready for the cutter CLICK HERE
Then you can save it as a pdf (file/save as) and open it for the vinylcutter.

I used a textile-vinyl and after the cut and work to clean it up I use a heatpress CLICK HERE to press to the T-shirt. It all whent well and he loves his shirt.