Making Fab TinyISP, first I had to get the Modula running and Bas helped me with that, I had a new computer so he made a shadow version of the Ubuntu inside my Windows 10. Then we had to conect the Modula with the Ubuntu and after some problem with the right conectors he managed to find the right one.

When the test was done and it worked perfectly.
So Fab Tiny...I used the instructions from HERE , first you had to get the image for the trases and the cut. In Fabmodules you realy do not have to do anything, it does the settings for you, after you have selected what you want to do.

After the milling you have to collect all the items you need for this project, you need:
1x ATtiny45 or ATtiny85
2x 1kΩ resistors
2x 499Ω resistors
2x 49Ω resistors
2x 3.3v zener diodes
1x red LED
1x green LED
1x 100nF capacitor
1x 2x3 pin header
Then the soldering starts, I needed a lot of practice, but after alot of mistakes I managed to get it to geather.
But even when I tought it was OK Linda pointed out a flaw in my soldering which I had to fix.