I made a testing piece for my 3D printer, I have a Ultimaker 2 and I whent to Thingivers and pick a testing piece
It came out as good as expected, the upper part of the circle has a litle drop but not too much.
I used for settings; quality= 0.1 mm, shell 0.8 mm, infill 20%, print speed 60 mm/s and travel speed 120 mm/s. I did not used any support for this project.

And here is the final piece.

After some discussion, this piece was not shown well enough what the Ultimaker can do so I found another piece on Thingivers and did a new test.
I used the same settings as in the other pice, see abowe.

In printing it was clear that the printer was not able of do this pice 100%, as soon it hit the 30° it started to drop a little, but was staple until 70° and then it dropped alot, and was a mess in 80°.

Then I wanted to make a box with a box inside, I tried Thinkercad

But made the circle too big so the inside box came through, so I will have to fix that for this to be working right. Hera I found out the circle is to big for this kind of settings (used the same as the text project) because the upper part of the circle is dropping too much.

Then I tried the Roland Modula scaning and I scaned a tier from a old doll carriage,
remember to fastening with doubble tape.

I used Roland Modula to do the scaning and the Fabmodula, I was realy happy about the outcome and look forward to mill it.