1. About Me

I live in seoul and work for TIDEinstitute as technician. I'm always make some electronics. I hope to have chance to learn digital fabrication.

2. Assignment


How to learn Homepage

Step1. Gitbash Install

gitbash download
figure 1. download
gitbash install
figure 2. install
figure 3. Create git folder
path setting
figure 4. git work in Windows CMD prompt

Step2. Gitbash Setting

user setting
figure 1. user setting
file push
figure 2. file push exercise
directory check
figure 3. Directory Checking
ssh keygen
figure 4. ssh-key generation
ssh-key copy
figure 5. Generated ssh-key copy
text file upload
figure 6. Example text file uploading

Step3. Atom Setting

Editor font Setting
figure 1. Change font in Text Editing Area

Step4. HTML edit

Step5. Chrome Browser Test

HTML preview
figure 1. HTML test on ChromeBrowser


about final project

Something like a analog hardware helping with digital circuit.


project plan

project idea1
figure 1. project idea 1