## Measure the analog levels and digital signals in an input device # Author : Sunghyun-An ![0](img/group/week11-group/0.jpg) The GND, echo, and trigger parts of the sonar sensor were temporarily soldered to allow measurement. ![1](img/group/week11-group/1.jpg) The basic state of the oscilloscope. ![2](img/group/week11-group/2.jpg) The blue line is connected to GND and the other two lines are connected to echo and trigger. ![3](img/group/week11-group/3.jpg) In the case of sonar sensor, signal is sent when it is low - high, and it is receiving signal when it is high - low. The time zone between the low - high and high - low oscilloscopes is in •Ïs. When programming, you should have a formula to calculate the distance and the speed of the time and sound. ![4](img/group/week11-group/4.jpg) The graph is enlarged, but it is not visible in the photograph, but there is a graph with thin points. As a result of rough estimation, the time of the value between Low - High and High - Low is 640•Ïs.