## Produce test coupons for your composite fabrication process(es)
 # Author : seunghwan-ji ![1](img/group/week17-group/1.jpg) ![2](img/group/week17-group/2.jpg) ![3](img/group/week17-group/3.jpg) ![4](img/group/week17-group/4.jpg) We tried composite glass fiber, denim and resin.<br> Here’s two glass fiber that have different density.<br> ![5](img/group/week17-group/5.jpg) We made three different test coupon that have different layers like this.<br> ![6](img/group/week17-group/6.jpg) ![7](img/group/week17-group/7.jpg) To make test coupon we made frame with pink foam like this.<br> ![8](img/group/week17-group/8.jpg) And we put gesso to prevent heat. And wax as release agent.<br> ![9](img/group/week17-group/9.jpg) ![10](img/group/week17-group/10.jpg) Then mix epoxy resin part A and B.<br> Hardener and main material mixing ratio is 13:100 by weight.<br> ![11](img/group/week17-group/11.jpg) ![12](img/group/week17-group/12.jpg) ![13](img/group/week17-group/13.jpg) ![14](img/group/week17-group/14.jpg) ![15](img/group/week17-group/15.jpg) ![16](img/group/week17-group/16.jpg) And put first layer and resin on it with brush.<br> And repeat put denim or glass fiber and resin on it.<br> ![17](img/group/week17-group/17.jpg) After overlap every layers done. We put anvil on it to give pressure.<br> ![18](img/group/week17-group/18.jpg) ![19](img/group/week17-group/19.jpg) ![20](img/group/week17-group/20.jpg) ![21](img/group/week17-group/21.jpg) ![22](img/group/week17-group/22.jpg) We also tried 3D shaped composite.<br> Carve pink foam with trimmer and put 5layers like denim-glass fiber-denim glass fiber-denim.<br> ![23](img/group/week17-group/23.jpg) ![24](img/group/week17-group/24.jpg) ![25](img/group/week17-group/25.jpg) ![26](img/group/week17-group/26.jpg) ![27](img/group/week17-group/27.jpg) After all the layers done, we use vacuum bagging to stick well. we did it like this.<br> ![28](img/group/week17-group/28.jpg) It cured well and has hard surface.<br> ![29](img/group/week17-group/29.jpg) These are the outputs.<br> Three test coupon have different layer each.<br> And they have different rigidity.<br> Yongwoo’s coupon is strongest, followed by Sunghyun’s and Seunghwan’s.<br> But there is variables at proficiency and we think that’s more important fact.<br>