## Use the test equipment in your lab to observe the operation of a microcontroller circuit board author : sunghyun-an We tried to measure voltage, resistance value, relationship between current and resistor, etc ![0](img/group/week7-group/0.jpg) We use this multimeter. ** Voltage ** FTDI cable supply 5V voltage to Hello board. <br> So first we tried to measure voltage. <br> Put multimeter tips to VCC and GND. <br> ![1](img/group/week7-group/1.jpg) And it said 5.04V.<br> ** Resistor ** We tried to measure resistance value. <br> There are three resistor in Hello board. <br> One is 499ohm with LED and two are 10K. <br> ![2](img/group/week7-group/2.jpg) ![3](img/group/week7-group/3.jpg) ![4](img/group/week7-group/4.jpg) We measured all of those resistor and it said 498ohm and 9980ohm, 9990ohm each. <br> ![5](img/group/week7-group/5.jpg) ** Current ** Without pushing button, current was 7A.<br> When we push the button, electricity goes though 499ohm resister and LED. <br> So we measured current again. ![6](img/group/week7-group/6.jpg) Then current was 3.2A.<br> We decided to try to measure the frequency of the resonator.<br> GND on one side and ATtiny44 on the other side.<br> ![7](img/group/week7-group/7.jpg) ![8](img/group/week7-group/8.jpg) The measurement result was 101.9 Hz for the part connected to PB0 and 226.8 Hz for the part connected to PB1.<br>