Project - Journal


Heap is a kid-targeted interactive game about waste production, aimed at promoting cooperation, fast-thinking and consequentiality.
Ideally, it's a game where Tangram meets Jenga meets Operation.
The rules are by design loose and open, but essentially they are as such:

  • - The players are presented with pool filled with a set of cards representing daily items and various blocks of different colors and shapes.

  • - Within a time span, the players have to choose among one of the cards and put it on the base at the center of the pool

  • - Then, within another and shorter time span, the players will have to put over the card a precise amount of blocks, trying to recreate the figure over the card. The material of the block represents a different kind of waste, so, in addition to the shape, the players will have to guess the material of which the item over the card is made of.

  • - A load sensor under the base evaluates the blocks over the card. The more the load is far from the corresponding value, the more more the base will begin to nervously buzz and shake.

  • - If the stack is still in place new cards and blocks can be added. If the stack tumbles down the game will start all over again