About Me :

Lucas Lim

Hi everyone, my name is Lim Eng Hwa Lucas. It has been a great privilege for me to be sponsored by my employer to enrol for the FAB Academy Diploma Course. Part of my job duties include assisting students in their 3D Printing and Laser Cutting needs in our school Fab Lab.

My final Project :

I am exploring IoT with a general ideal of incorporating a input device (like motion sensor as well as button for manual activation of the device) and output methods (like moving some odject like a door, or lighting up with differnet colors).

Exercises :

My learning journey :
Week 1 - Principles and practices
Week 2 - Project management
Week 3 - Computer-aided Design
Week 4 - Computer-controlled Cutting

Fab Lab Singapore Polytechnic:

FAB Lab Singapore Polytechnic is centrally located at T11C within Singapore Polytechnic campus. Other Fab Labs located in SP includes Fab Lab at T14 and T12. Fab Lab Singapore houses a board range of euipment for digital fabrication, like 3D Printer, laser cutter, etc

I am mentored by Mr Steven Chew and Mr Rodney from Fab Lab Singapore Polytechnic.

Fab Lab Singapore