Fab Academy 2018
How To Make (almost) Anything
Welcome to my online blog documenting my learning journey of the six-month Fab Academy course on "How to make (almost) anything.

Quick intro about me :

Lucas Lim

Lim Eng Hwa Lucas

From : Singapore

Profession : Technical Support Officer (IT Dept.)

Office : School of Architecture & the Built Environment (ABE) in Singapore Polytechnic

Hi everyone, my name is Lim Eng Hwa Lucas. Friends call me Lucas.

I live in Singapore and work as a Technical Support Officer in the IT Department in the School of Architecture & the Built Environment (ABE) of Singapore Polytechnic. I managed a few computer labs, servers, providing IT support to the lecturers as well as students. I am also a register Safety Officer. Part of my job duties include assisting students in our school Fab Lab with their laser cutting and 3D printing needs.

It has been a great privilege for me to be sponsored by my employer for the Fab Academy Diploma Course.

My final Project :

I am exploring IoT with a general ideal of incorporating a input device (like motion sensor as well as button for manual activation of the device) and output methods (like moving some odject like a door, or lighting up with differnet colors).

Weekly Assignments :

My learning journey and weekly assignments :

Fab Lab Singapore Polytechnic:

Fab Lab Singapore Polytechnic is centrally located at T11C and T14 within Singapore Polytechnic campus. There are a number of satellite Fab Labs located throughout the campus. I am supporting the Fab Lab at Workshop 4 which is managed by the School of ABE and have a few 3D Printers, 90-watt laser cutter and a small CNC milling machine.

I am mentored by instructors, Mr Steven Chew and Mr Rodney Dorville, from Fab Lab Singapore Polytechnic.

Fab Lab Singapore