Richard Sunga

Welcome to my page for Fab Academy 2018! In this space I will upload all my progress and updates. I am a continuing student from 2016, and I hope to finish this year. That year 2016 was challenging for me as I didn't have our own laser cutter and CNC. But this year I hope to fully utlisise our 60W Laser and CNC machine.


I graduated with a Degree in Civil Engg... but field work was too hot for me so I switched to IT after 1 year of CE work. I have now 20yrs work experience in IT, currently as IT project manager but I've been asked to setup a Makers Lab as well here in Singapore (in Nanyang Technological University) so here I am. Boom!

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My lab

I have a prototyping lab in Singapore. The main equipment we have are 3D printers, Laser cutter, CNC machine and Vinyl cutters

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Final Project

You can check my final project in this link

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