Explore and use website development tools

This part was really important and interesting for myself. In order to understood HTML_5, CSS, I studied at Codecademy. I have taken two free courses like: HMTL and CSS.

I have not completed the JavaScript course yet, However I have seen it is really useful.

I prepared the HTML scripts and CSS with Netbeans tool. I would like to recommend Notepad++ tool is really useful. With it, you are able to see the command lines with different colors, that is useful for reading and program at HTML or CSS.


Identify and Utilize version control protocols

Git is a really powerfull tool. It is possible to have the control of all versions and keep the records of all the changes.

One thing that I like the most, is that you can only upload the last files that had been modified.

One the web page had been finished I proceed to upload it at GitLab repository

Common steps use at GitLab