Week 20

My Envisaged Final Project

Trying to think of what I would like to make as a final project. I looked what problem do I have that I could use this opporunity to solve my problem. Last year I build a Fish tank , which came out very beautiful . The problem I had was that I would sometimes forget to feed the fish, and when I went on holiday I had to buy special vacation food , which actually makes the tank dirty. This is my opportunity to make an Automatic pet feeder for my fish tank. It would be a great project for my Fab academy but also sort out my problem at home for my fish when I go on holiday.

I have actually not much of an idea of how my end product would look like, but I know that it had to have a chamber to store the food, then a dispenser to dispence the correct amount of food. the dispenser should be controlled by a circuit board which will control a motor that would turn and allow a specified amount of food to dispense.Puting these thoughts togteher I have justed sketched a thought of my fish food feeder. As the weeks go I would be able to use research and ideas to fully conceptualise my project and hopefully manage to realise it at the end of the course.

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