Akhil Hari @ FabAcademy 2018

Fab Lab Trivandrum, INDIA

About Me Weekly Assignments Final Project

Its my pleasure to intorduce myself. I'm Akhil Hari, an Indian Citizen, born and raised in the state of Kerala. By virtue of the formal education, I'm into the profession of Civil Engineering for my livelihood. Indebted to my forerunners and driven by the true spirit of compassion, i wish to play my part in making the planet more humane.

The "Thumping Sound" of Royal Enfield motorcycles fascinated me right from childhood. This fascination led me into owning an abandoned 1973 make Royal Enfield in 2011. I was so persistent about entirely overhauling the motorcycle myself, so that i could built and ride a machine. Taking the help of local machining shops, and with immense 'google'ing, i finally managed to put the motorcycle back on roads after two years. It was this fascination to the "thumping sound" which made me realize that one could make anything, given the machinery and technology is available. The 'google'ing during those time introduced me to Walter Lewin & the MIT, with myself becoming an admirer of MIT for guiding me to a new stream of thought.

After coming across an article about Fab Lab in a newspaper, the curiosity to build things sprouted again. With MIT at the other end, I'm absolutley sure that spending time at the Fab Lab will enable myself to embrace technology at a more personal level in my day to day life, and might also enable me to pay back my debt to mankind, at least for some extend.


Email: akhilhari87@gmail.com

Phone:+91 9496819039