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About Me

My Self Amith G Nair from Trivandrum Kerala. I finished my Graduation in Electrical and Electronics. Currently I am an Innovation Coach for Atal Tinkering Lab, on Contract With Intel South Asia Network.The Project Is Managed by NITI-Aayog .The Think Tank for Government of India


Week 1

We got an introduction section from our professor Neil where a detailed idea about Fab Academy,Fab Project,Class schedule and also a introduction session about digital fabrication, that gives an idea about fabacademy course.Assignment given in this week is about plan and sketch a potential final project.

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Week 2

This week we got an introduction about documentation.here we use gitlab for documentation purpose.We need to create a personal website for fabacademy.So we need to prepare our system for doing these things.

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Week 3

This week we gone through computer aided design, We familarize with 2D and 3D softwares ,work with these softwares and create some interesting models.

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Week 4

This week we familiarize with vinly cutter and Laser cutter

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