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Namaste !!!
Welcome to my documented progress journey on HOW TO MAKE ALMOST ANYTHING at FabLab UAE. Power lies in creation, the idea to create and give meaning to that creation is joy beyod imagination. I have been extremely passionate to explore the unknown and limitless realms of creation which brings me here. I'm a Plastic Engineer and professionally I have been active in the digital manufacturing industry in terms of product sales, providing services and executing training sessions for diversified industries.
My LOVE for sharing experiences, challenges and stories resulted in me creating awareness, conducting lectures and workshops for the most promising technology of the future to the present generation in various schools, colleges and technical universities. I look forward to make the most of my time here, also embrace this opportunity with an open mind and a wide smile.

My thoughts about the FabLab UAE, this newly built lab in Dubai is one of the most effecient labs so far in terms of the machines, materials, hardware, software and staff avaiable at our disposal. The lab has an overwhelming learning environment with Proferessor Wendy from New Zealand as our guru with loads of experience in creating stuff, also has a very friendly technique of making sure we learn, fail, challenge ourselves and explore our ultimate potential. I'm glad to be able to express myself during this highly intense program. I have an ultra amazing group of friends, fellow students with me in Carl, Alzubair, Eidha, Abdulla, Zahra and Salama to share the space and some awesome habibi vibes !!!

fab academy weekly portfolio

electronics production

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3D scanning and printing

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electronics design

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computer-controlled machining

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embedded programming

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mechanical design

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machine design

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output devices

Week 12

molding and casting

Week 13

input devices

Week 14

wildcard week

Week 15

networking and communications

Week 16

interface and application programming

Week 17

applications and implications

Week 18

invention, intellectual property, and income

Week 19

Final project proposal

Development stages

result and outcome

Skills, tools & softwares learned

Programming Languages & other software Tools
● FUSION 360

final project result

"everything owes existence completely and solely to sound"

Working on a cymatics experiment representing sound in the form of waves produced by the vibrations.
my idea is to create a diy setup for cymatic experiment connected to a mike, amp or any kind of sound source to witness varied outputs.

to understand how sound reacts with matter.
to understand how sound influences human mood, feelings and emotions.
to understand the science of vibrations on art and science.
to understand the effects of cymascope.
to understand visual geometrical symmetries on different sound variables.
to understand the effects on different materials such as texture, water, oil, sand ferrous fluid etc.
to understand the effects of sound healing.

Stay tuned...coming soon near you !!!