About me

My name is kamlesh Bisht, I am from India from the Himalayan region, though i completed MBM (marketing business management); I am currently working with barefoot college,Tilonia for the past 4 years,working in SOLAR R&D (Research and Development department). I enjoy music,traveling, dancing, building ideas, meeting new people. I also like to ensure that what ever i do will atlest benifit someone.
To share a bit about Barefoot College (https://www.barefootcollege.org), like all groundbreaking, influential places, this special place started out as a simple idea. Acting upon that small idea got Barefoot College going into the world to solve various problems. Being at the R&D department in Barefoot College i have found the need for powerful tools to execute the ideas in physical working technology, which is why the collage saw the need to set up a Fab Lab. I was delighted to hear the news about fab lab in my own place and there was also an annoucment that someone will be selected to do the fab academy to help set up the lab in collage.
Though I was not from an engineering backgound, I took part in the interview with 10 other people and i was delighted to be selected as I really had the interest to study about fab lab and its network.After completing the course, I will help to set up a Fab Lab in Barefoot Collage , which i beieve will also help lots of other people to learn about the beauty of this fab lab network. I would also like to take the role of instructor in my lab in Barefoot collage. One of the main idea of fab lab that i really liked is the idea of sharing things with the world and i would like to be as much of a help to this network.