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Sanket Kulkarni

I am a Designer who aspires to make things that would reduce drudgery and introduce beauty in the lives of people at grassroots.


Week 1

Principles and Practices

Week 2

Computer Aided Design

Week 3

Computer Aided Cutting

Week 4

Electronic Production

Week 5

3d Scanning and Printing

Week 6

Electronics Design

Week 7

Computer Controlled Machining

Week 8

Embedded Programming

Week 9

Mechanical Design, Machine Design

Week 10

Output Devices

Week 11

Moulding and Casting

Week 12

Input Devices

Week 13

Embedded Networking and Communications


Problem Statement.

How to record the data of the visitors visiting Vigyan Ashram, Pabal.

Name of the Machine: Inbox Data Saver. (IBDS)

I am Sanket Kulkarni, an ex-student of 'Vigyan Ashram,Pabal'. Currently 'Vigyan Ashram' has footfall of around 8-10 visitors daily. These visitors are potential stakeholders in development of Vigyan Ashram and they could become effective medium to reach out to the larger society. However at the moment there is no method or tool to capture the data of these visitors. Hence I propose to use the 'IBDS' an Inbox Data Saver in which the visitors can save their information - Name and contact details. This data would be used to contact them on important occasions and provide them relevant updates from time to time.

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