Assignment: Plan and sketch a potential final project

This first lesson could be summarized in one sentence: "The world of the Fab Labs". There was a specific text that caught my attention: "When science fiction became a scientific reality." I work in a Fab Lab and that is what really happens every day. We met the main components of a Fab Lab, the world congresses, the fab lab foundation and various projects.

We also knew the different programs such as BioAcademy and Fabricademy. My Fab Lab is a node of the Fabricademy program and amazing things have been done. I share some images of the results.


Plan and sketch a potential final project

I would like to develop a interactive element for citizen participation in the public spaces. Obtain data of citizen to facilitate decision-making in urban planning.

For the approach of my possible final project, I was inspired by some initiatives. Fab City / Totems-FabLab Santiago / Smart citizen / Fab Condenser

Obtain data of citizen to facilitate decision-making in urban planning through an interactive urban device.

Finally I decided to focus my final project on the subject of thermal comfort. Previously I worked with commercial sensors during the master to obtain thermal comfort data in homes. One of the main problems that arose was the cost of the measurement equipment. Derived from this, work slowed down having only one measuring device. Therefore, the development of a low-cost thermal comfort measurement device is one of the objectives of my final project.
Develop a map of open data of thermal stress in public spaces that show environmental data and perception of thermal comfort of citizens. The municipal authorities can take specific measures in these places to protect residents from the health risks of heat stress. These measures can be revitalization interventions through shading elements in public spaces or other strategies.

Principal components:
Adafruit AMG8833 IR Thermal Camera Arduino
Natural wet-bulb temperature sensor
Globe thermometer temperature sensor
Dry-bulb temperature sensor
Others componentes