The Fab Academy
2018 Lectures

Jan 17: principles and practices, presentations, introductions
Jan 22 recitation: version control (Fiore Basile)
Jan 24: project management
Jan 29 recitation: gitlab (Fiore Basile)
Jan 31: computer-aided design
Feb 05 recitation: how to make (almost) anything usable (Jan Borchers)
Feb 07: computer-controlled cutting
Feb 12 recitation: fab cities (Tomas Diez)
Feb 14: electronics production
Feb 19 recitation: functional representations (Matt Keeter)
Feb 21: 3D scanning and printing
Feb 26 recitation: maker education (Sherry Lassiter, Saba Ghole, Stephanie Chang)
Feb 28: electronics design
Mar 05 recitation: bio academy (Kate Adamala, David Kong, Jean-Michel Molenaar, Megan Palmer)
Mar 07: computer-controlled machining
Mar 12 recitation: global humanitarian lab (David Ott)
Mar 14: embedded programming

All videos are also available on vimeo.