About me

Hi! I am Josep Martí, a 25 year old Industrial Engineer with a Master in Automatics from Barcelona. I've always been passionate about new technologies and building things, but I've never been able to devote as much time to it as I'd like. Now, after spending a year working as a computer consultant working in BI, I have decided to dedicate myself to my passion. When I read about FabAcademy for the first time I knew I was made for it. I started 2 weeks late, but more than ever eager to learn. That's why I'm going to dedicate the next 6 months exclusively to FabAcademy.

I had a little experience in 3D design, electronics and engineering in general, but the main reason that led me to join was to learn more and continue growing for a future to be able to devote myself to it. I can't wait to continue my journey at FabAcademy!