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Hi and welcome to my FabAcademy site where I’m going to document every asignment, from “Principles and practices” all the way to my “Project developmet”.


I’m Tin Valetic, 23 years old, originally from Zagreb(Croatia). After the high school I paused my path to the univerity for two years, in meantime I become a member and start to participate in all fablab activities. So those two years passed and after that I got to the “Faculty of transport and traffic sciences”. But I drop out from that university…it was not for me. Unfortunately we don’t have FabAcademy node in Croatia…yet, so I came to Bottrop HRW (Germany) this year for the FabAcademy. This is great opportunity for me to get to know other labs and makers, also is a great chance to start new collaborations between thoes fablabs. Beside fablab and FabAcademy, I’m big sports enthusiast, got trought many different sports, but only one is my favourite and that’s “Rowing” which I’m training now for almost 11years and planing to keep going.