Kyle-James Keen

Kyle-James Keen

Hi, my name is Kyle, I'm a mature student here at the University of Brighton, where I study Product Design Technology. I am currently on my placement year, part of which is being used to participate in FA2019. Alongside FabAcademy, my placement year consisists of lecturing 2nd Year Product Design students in CAD (Seriously, I still do not know why they let me do this. I was only in that year last year!). My lecturering role has recently been updated to include elements of the new Digital Fabrication module that is currently in its inaugral year. Oh and I also work for a robotics company. I always forget that part.

Since observing FA2018 and assisting where I could to the active parcipants, I have come to the conclusion that teaching is the path for me. I really enjoy seeing a students eyes light up when they finally grasp a concept, and then seeing that concept be put into practice, and hearing a yelp of joy when it works. I wish to use the skills that I bolster with FabAcademy to aid in that. Giving me the best platform to offer project help, no matter what disipline I end up in, be it lecturing Design, or as a guru for FabAcademy.

As a designer, I cant help a bit of self-promotion, So here you have it, my Instagram portfolio. Feel free to like, follow and share!

-- Kyle

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