Many people must have encountered funcionality or reduced function problem after a fracture or injury. For example someone has got fracture in finger. After recovery his/her finger won’t move as it should. I myself have limited functionality in my right hand. I want to make a device or tool that would help and enhance physical functionality.


My intent for this project is to help people so that they can do more by enhancing the functionality.


For this course of time I would try to achive finger movement.

Stage: One

Making support for the Wrist. This stiff casing would help to house electrical parts and also would help in supporting wrist. This would include CAD modelling, 3D Printing, Creating fabric casing for comfort.

Stage: Two

Embeding system in casing. This would include CAD modelling, 3D Printing, Electronics.

Stage: Three

Adding mechanism and sensors and actuators. This would include CAD modelling, 3D Printing, Electronics, Coding

Possible Final Project

Above image shows possible final project.


Generating enough motor power to help the motion.

Making Minimal System.

Understanding and filtering signals and generating outputthrough air.

Since I am architecture student, it would be challenge for me to understand and deliever electronic system and coding part.


3D Printing

Fabric- Laser Cutting

Cad Modelling

Circuit Board

Flex Sensors


Solenoid Air-pump

Moulding-Casting Materials


I would try to achive the finger movement as above.

Future Add-on

Under the spirit of Spiral Development, I would try to add more things to project.

As I already have the Flex sensor, I can possibly plug in Display/Charlie Plex and through that I can convert guestures into Text, That would help people using sign language to communicate.

Reference Links

In week 1 and 2 I researched more about how can I achive my final project.

Soft Robotics : Lara Tomholt

SR Gripper : Toolkit

Soft Robotics : Merav Gazit

Soft Robotics Toolkit

Havard Bio-Design Lab Project