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15. Mechanical design

3-DOF Cam Slider

During this week, in Group with Michele Serpico, we defined and made the mechanical parts for the assignment week to make a three axes cam slider. Well, we’ve analyzed designed and made the necessary mechanical supports. So on Fusion 360 I made a new project MTM2019FabAcademy to work, share and upload concept, 3d model and design in real time.

Project Link A360

This is the screenshot of the shared project on Fusion 360 platform.

Once sketched a project draft, we decided the mechanical components necessary for the correct operation of the slider

To design and assembly the slider, but not each existing and commercial components, I’ve used an online tool connected with Fusion360, Autodesk Fusion Partcommunity. Once you’ve choose the part you need, you can directly send it to Fusion project instance opened on your PC.

In this case, I needed LM8UU linear bearings to move xplate on the X axe.

Making some parts and assembly history, in this Video:

The 3DOF-CamSlider functionality is divided as follows:

  1. The designed main part slide following X axe, through a GT2 belt fixed on it on bottom side, and carriage from a NEMA17 stepper motor that distribute motion through a GT2 pulley joined to the motor.

  2. The second degree of freedom is guaranteed by rotation around Z axe; motion is distributed from another NEMA17 stepper motor joined on little gear pulley that transfer motion with a 2:1 ratio to another Gear, where the third rotary axes is joined to it.

  3. The third degree of freedom was made from a motor joined on the second stage, that directly distribute motion turning the camera holder plate around Y axe.

BOM - Mechanical

Description Unit Q.ty Dimensions Material
Rods Pcs 2 1200mm x 8mm diam. Steel
LM8UU - Linear Bearings Pcs 4
GT2 Belt Meters 2.6
GT2 Pulley Pcs 1 Alluminum
Screew Pcs 30 M3 x 15mm Iron
Bolt Pcs 30 M3 Iron
Washer Pcs 30 M3 Iron
Wood Panel Pcs 1 400 x 200mm Plywood
Plex Panel Pcs 1 300 x 150mm PMMA
ABS Filament gr 100 diam. 1.75mm ABS


Fusion 360 Archive

Here you can download the whole project in compressed file that contain the native format .f3z

LaserCut Files

Here you can download the files that I export for cutting some pices. In the archive you can find 2 folders for different materials and thickness.

3D Printing Files

Here you can download the files for 3D printing in zipped one that contain the native format .f3d