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Ajesh E


Fab Diary 2019

About Me

Hi All.I am Ajesh.Am a Diploma Engineer in Mechanical Engineering studied in Kerala,India.I have been worked in Indian Space Reasearch Organisation as Technical Assistant-Aerospace Fabrication.I worked with CNC Machines like CNC Milling Machine,CNC Turning Machine and CNC Wire Cut EDM Machines.i joined in Fablab Trivandrum in september 2018 as FabLab Coordinator .I loved field of Fabrication.Basically am from the Field of Mechanical.My knowledge towards Electronics is Limited.i hope Fab Academy will help me to overcome the same.

My Final Project

Smart Tool Box.

My Project Smart Tool Box is to ensure the proper usage and arrangement of tool.It helps to track the tool and its makes alarm when the tool is missing(Duration can be controlled).A snooze button is provided on the side of tool box which can snooze the alarm.LCD display helps to find the alarm message.

Handwritten Drawing of my Project