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The aim of the principle and Practices week assignment was planning my final project objective is the task is to design a system which is leveling dam water and display on it is in pabal.When people will see this display then people will aware that there is only enough water left in dam and we have to use water Properly

Task to do in this week

Sketch Of Final Project

Discussion on differnt Project idea

In Vigyan Ashram I got Different idea on different projects. I live in a rural area so I know water-related problems for the rural area. I discuss a different project idea of rural development like waste management, food Processing, water recycling with our Director Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni and I also discuss with our Deputy Director Mr. Ranjeet Shanbhag on advanced technology in Agriculture. When I was discussing with sir, that time I Like the concept of Dam Water level Indicator. When People will see the display in their village, they know water storage in the dam and how should be used. I am interested

Description of Final Project


Dam Water Level Measurement through Sensors and Display on LCD or Seven Segment Display


Basically, I belong from a rural area. I have seen in the rural area that there is limited water storage due to lack of rain since last 23 not have sufficient water still people do not use, I am going to make a device that has enough water reserves in the village dam and how much longer it can be used. and it shows on a 7 segment display. this display indicates the storage of water in the dam. People will see this display they will be aware that there is only enough water storage in our dam and we have to use water properly.


The Dam water level indicator is defined as a system which gets the information about the water level in Dam or reservoirs. which is used in cities and villages. By using the water level indicator we can overcome the overflow of water from the Dams.


    Block diagram of transmitter side

  • Water level Sensor senses a dam water level and sends reading to Microcontroller.
  • Microcontroller send cammand to transmitter side GSM module. A send sms of water level value to receiver side GSM module.
  • Block diagram of Receiver side

  • This sms is received in receiver side GSM module. This live sms send to a LCD display.
  • A water level display on LCD module.