Computer-Aided Design

We can make Almost Anything....

Model (raster, vector, 2D, 3D, render, animate, simulate, ...) a possible final project, and post it on your class page.

Weekly Task

  • Modelled experimental objects/part of a possible project in 2D and 3D software
  • Shown how you did it with words/images/screenshots
  • Included your original design files

  • What I used software

  • Raster software - GIMP and Photoshop
  • vector software - Coreldraw/Inkscape/
  • Make 3D Design by using google sketchup,Solidworks and Fusion 360
  • learn New Software

  • FreeCAD/Adobe Illustartor
  • 2D Design

    What is Raster

    Raster is a computer program that allows users to create and edit images interactively on the computer screen and save them in one of many "bitmap" or "raster" formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF and TIFF.(from wikipedia)

    In Raster Design I tried to use GIMP and PHOTOSHOP.During my Instructor time in computer lab I taught photoshop to students.So,I know about photoshop. Then I started Learn Gimp. Gimp is an open source and free software.I downloaded it. When I was learning Gimp, I understand Gimp is almost similar to photoshop. That's why I learned Gimp early.


    GIMP is easy to use than photoshop. so firstly I worked on this software.
    Image size: Image on my homepage was 2mb, I want to compress it. So I used the Gimp raster software to compress it.

    Firstly, I open GIMP. This is homescreen of this software.

    STEPS: Step 1.Go to the file option and open my image for compressing it.

    2. File -->(choose option)Export As

    3. Then I gave name to the file and clicked on export button.

    4. The size of the first image is 182.3KB. So I changed its quality. Then I clicked on export button.

    You can Download Original Files HERE.

    I made one more design in GIMP. In this software I created Pencil Drawing Effect.

    1. Open image and created a Duplicate layer twice. then I was going to Colours tools and Selected Hue-Saturation cammand.

    2. When I clicked on Hue-Saturation cammand then opened a small this window I clicked on Saturation and reduce the size of saturation.

    3.Then I was going to Normal and clicked on small arrow and selected saturation

    4.Once again I was going to Colours tool and Selected Invert Cammand.

    5.Then I was going to in Filter In filter I selected Blur cammand.Blur have gave more cammand so I selected on Gaussain Blur cammand.

    6.I opened Gaussain Blur cammand.then opened a small window.then I changed the size of X and Y. Now,its looks like Pencil drawing.

    You can Download Original Files HERE.

    Adobe Photoshop

    I am Familier with ADOBE PHOTOSHOP .I tried to make somthing new in photoshop.

    1.Firstly, I downloaded brick photo on the internet. after downloading I open this photo is in photoshop. the I was going to layer and make duplicate layer. when I was clicking on duplicate layer open small window in home screen. then I go to document and choose a New. and give the name of the layer and clicked on OK. After Clicking I was go to Filter Tool then going to Blur and chooseGaussian Blurfor bluring brick image.and give the Blur Radius is 3.0 and clicked on OK

    2.Later this step I want to black and White image then I Pressed Ctri+Shift+U(its Optional). and save this PSD file in my computer.

    3.Then I am taking my colleague photo with her permission.then I was going to Polygonal Lasso toolfor cutting photo from border.

    after I was going are also going shortcut key withCtrl+J.then I CUTSelection area on my colleague photo.and Paste it on brick image.

    4.I Again, go to Layer Setting. and choose on Convert to Smart Object. then I Double clickedon Layer 1open Layer style Window. I clicked on Strokeand OK. Then I go Filter Galler and choose one theme. for overlapping images through bricks I was going to normal, which is in layer setting and choose Overlay.

    then I did following steps.

    You can Download Original Files HERE.

    GIMP and Photoshop are both programs that are meant to open and edit images. The major difference between these two is that Photoshop is proprietary and would cost a lot of money to purchase while GIMP is open source software and is therefore free for anyone to download and use

    I used Photoshop beacuse In photoshop are much more powerful than the equivalent tools in GIMP.And Personally I liked Photoshop and many time I used Photoshop.

    What is Vector

    I Read on Wikipedia about Raster design then I under is Vector is a computer program that allows users to compose and edit vector graphics images interactively on a computer and save them in one of many popular vector graphics formats, such as EPS, PDF, WMF, SVG, or VML.


    In vector design I used INKSCAPE software.Inkscape software is open is 2D design software and also easy to use.

    In Inskscape I tried to making simple paramatric.I used simple box and make paramatric. 1. I am taking one simple box and gave dimension of this box. dimension is in mm.

    2.Then I was going to Edit option.In edit I choose Clone and then select Create Tiled Clones.

    3.I clicked on Create button.

    4. When I was clicking on create button, created 4 more clones. and first one key of their other 4 clones.

    5. When I changed the main key size, alternatively other 4 clones sizes was also changed.

    6. After changing clones, I taking one box. for parametric design.

    7.For Align this clones.I was going to Object tool.after going this tool I select Align and Distributethen I align all clones in a big box.

    This is simple paramatric design using Inskscape

    You can Download Original Files HERE.

    Corel Draw

    COREL DRAW is a vector graphics editor developed and marketed by Corel Corporation.CorelDraw is designed to edit two-dimensional images such as logos and posters.

    In Vector design, I used graphics design software is Corel Draw. I have worked on this software since last 1.5 years. so, I comfort of this software. I am familiar with this Software

    Here,I was making My final project product Logo in this Software.

    1.I did step to make water symbol using shape tool.

    2.Then I coloured this symbol in blue.

    3.Then I draw another shape. its seeing like S. firstly I draw a plane line and convert into curves. for color this shape I used Interactive Fill Tool in the Tool Bar. and then I colored it in two colors. first one is black and another is blue. I used both colors because I like the color combination.

    4.Then I remove Boarder.

    5.I took text tool in tool bar and wrote my project Name.

    My Project product logo is ready

    Here,I was just learning more things in corel draw.I was making some more two logos

    Visit site:Graphics designs-Made by me

    I used both 2D design software.but I mostly work on corel beacause their are more tools than Inkscape.corel also have typographics designs.corel have many extension format for saving file.

    You can Download Original Files HERE.

    3D Design

    Google Sketchup

    In vector design, firstly I was using GOOGLE SKETCHUP . I know this software very well. Google Sketchup is an open source tool for designing and easy to understand. With this software I tried to make a bungalow design. for making design I did following steps.

    1.In this software firstly I took rectangular shape. then I draw a right angle triangle in rectangular shape and the other part was removed by Erasor.

    2.Then I selected PUSH/PULL tool for making 3D shape.

    3.I want one more shape under the I used OFFSET cammand for draw similar shape inside.then used PUSH/PULL for extrude.

    4. After extruding I draw another shapes and extrude it and also make staires,swamming pull.

    5.then I go to Paint bucket and used colours.

    You can Download Original Files HERE.


    FreeCAD is an open-source parametric 3D modeler made primarily to design real-life objects of any size. I have not used FreeCAD before this. I do not know any hotkeys so my way of doing things is highly inefficient. so, I Interested to learn this software. In this Software I learned their commands, their shapes and how to use it. its really different to other vector softwares.

    I learned Basic tools in this I was not making perfect object.I was made a simple box and extrude it using circles for learning.

    1.Firstly, I took rectangle shape and drag on graph page.then I made edge Constraint using Symatraic tool.

    2.then I select the shape and using PAD tool for extrude this shape.

    3.On Top View of box.I drew circle.

    4.I select the circle and go to POCKET tool for Extruder Cut.

    You can Download Original Files HERE.

    Fusion 360

    For the first time I used FUSION 360 for 3d modeling, So now I learn the 3d design for visualization, cutting and printing. As a new student of the fusion 360 I'm trying to make a design using parameter tools. This is the wonderful tools for making a parametric design. I am trying to make a simple flower pot design in rectangular shape.

    For making rectangular flower pot design I did following steps

    1.Firstly I took centre rectangle tool from create sketch.and draw a three differnt rectangle with differnt dimensions.

    2.then I select one rectangle and right click on rectangle then more tools opened that time.I selected MOVE/COPY tool.

    3.I gave dimension for move the Object

    4.Align three shapes

    5.I selected this shape at a time using Ctrl Button.and use LOFT cammand.

    6.I was in TOP View of this Obeject and using SHELL cammand for make Hole of this Object.

    You can Download Original Files HERE.


    SolidWorks is a solid modeling computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) computer program that runs on Microsoft Windows.

    I rarely used Solidworks. but I Knows tools and commands a lot of them. For 3d design I preferred Solidworks softwares for designing a Display for my final project. Solidworks then clicked on file and take a New file.then clicked on part.I designed a differnt parts of my final project display.after open home screen of solidworks I selected Front plane.shortcut key for selected plane is keyboard Spacebar Button.then going to Sketch tool and draw a rectangular shape on front Plane and gave the dimension is 800 X 400 mm.then I extrude it on 1.5mm

    2.After I selected A-Text tool and draw a % symbol and change the size.Also draw one more rectangular shape for 7 segment.

    3.Then I uesd Mirror Entities cammand for making other three same shape.

    4.Again I used text tool and text Water Level and days on front plane box

    Here is my bottom and side panel of my final project design

    You can Download Original Files HERE.

    Secondly I made Paramatric designs

    What is Paramatric Design

    “Parametric design is a process based on algorithmic thinking that enables the expression of parameters and rules that, together, define, encode and clarify the relationship between design intent and response.”

    What are the advantages of using parametric design ?
  • Every time you change the value of a parameter, its changes everything related to it according to the new value.
  • It saves you a lot of time, and is more likely to be accurate. It creates efficiency, and a work that you can easily use as many times as you need in other design projects.
  • for paramatric design I choosed three different shapes.Circle,triangle and square. following screenshots shows my paramatric designs

    You can Download Original Files HERE.

    Thirdly In solidworks I also did Animate a Assembly

    1.I selected front plan and Draw a rectngular shape in Sketch with 70 X 70 X 100mm dimension.then selected side plane and draw a circle with 22 radius.then I was going to search bar and search Thread.after opening therad cammand then I selected two edges of circle and clicked ok. its looks like fit for Skrew.

    2.For second part took a new part.then draw a Polygonal shape.then extrude it with 50mm dimension.In Top view I draw a circular shape and extrude it with 70mm dimension.once again I selected and Thread and make it skrew.

    3.then I did it Assemble.

    4.gave Animation.

    After Animation I made a Video and uploaded on You tube.then gave a youtube link here

    You can Download Original Files HERE.

    Learning Outcomes

    In 2d designing learned advance tools in photoshop. I can edit the image and also use to reduce the file size in GIMP. SolidWorks is a great software. It has parametric that means if you edit measurement of object in a parts it will automatically update in the assembly file. I am using Inskape for simple parametric design. I am familiar with Corel so I was making different logos. I lntroduce tools of free CAD and Fusion 360.this assignment I really enjoyed it for doing something in designing.