Computer-Controlled Cutting

We can make Almost Anything

Weekly Task:

Group assignment:

   Characterize the lasercutter, making test parts(s) that vary in cutting dimensions.

Individual assignment:
  •  Cut something on vinyl cutter
  •  Design, lasercut and document a parametric press-fit construction kit, accounting for laser kerf, which can be assembled in multiple ways

    Vinyl Cutter


    A vinyl cutter is a type of computer-controlled machine. This machine has blade to cut, designed shapes using vector graphics. We have Roland Vinyl Cutter having sharp blades for cutting. The machine has 450mm bed area. The shapes and letters can cut by the blade.

    This is my first vinyl cutting because I have seen vinyl cutter used by others people. But when I used myself, I understood how they worked. First, I make my final project logo design in Corel Draw named "DAM WATER LEVEL". Make .png file and I use Fab Module to run the program. Now setting the vinyl paper and home origin the blade according to the paper. Then I gave one test. So after final cut when I am weeding out by tweezers.

    After that I decided that to make another design for cutting by vinyl cutters. So I made the laptop sticker design by Corel draw and convert us.Png, Whole process is described in below.

    Our Fab Lab Instructor Miss.Komal raut Introduced Vinyl cutter in front of us.then at that time we all tried to use the machine ourself and cut different designs.


    1.I Made a my final project design in Corel Draw.I did step to make water symbol using shape tool.

    2.Then I coloured this symbol in blue.

    3. Then I draw another shape. It's seeing like S. Firstly, I draw a plane line and convert into curves. For color this shape I used Interactive Fill Tool in the Tool Bar. And then I colored it in two colors. First one is black and another is blue. I used both colors because I like the color combination. Then I remove Boarder. I took text tool in the toolbar and wrote my project Name.

    Machine Setting

    1. I have to select the roll of vinyl and place it on the rollers behind the machine. Place the lever in the down position and load the vinyl.

    2.Then I can see the rubber wheels and under the rubber wheels there is a white sticker indicator.

    3.I have press lever for a press fit roll in vinyl. These Images show the lever up and down.

    4.I have to ensure that the vinyl is aligned properly under the rubber wheels. Turn ON the vinyl cutter. Then sets the origin by pressing the "Origin" button on the control panel.

    Fab Module Process

    1.We used the fan modules, to interface with the cutter. Fan modules can use/downloaded for free from the mods. Fan website. To run the module, use the sudo Feb command. Then put the password and press enter.

    2.Then I selected image(.png) and Roland vinylcutter(.cammm) then clicked on make_png_camm.

    3.After open a new window,then clicked on load_png selected vinyl and Segments and clicked on the path.then send it to a vinyl cutter.

    4.Before sending its design to a vinyl cutter. I have to select the roll of vinyl and place it on the rollers behind the machine. Place the lever in the down position and load the vinyl. Then I can see the rubber wheels and under the rubber wheels there is a white sticker indicator.

    5.Turn ON the vinyl cutter. Then set the origin by pressing the "Origin" button.then sent file to a vinyl cutter.After cutting I removed a vinyl paper from vinyl cutter.then i removed unwanted final project logo is ready.

    When I searched some designs on google. I liked one girl with Umbrella image. then I downloaded it. import in core and make Trace Bitmap. then add a text "The girl with Umbrella". then cut on vinyl with the same process. and one more vinyl design is I text a Name of "Vigyan Ashram" and cut on Vinyl Cutter.

    Laser Cutter


    In Vigyan ashram we have two types of laser cutter i.e SIL laser cutter and epilog laser cutter. Generally, we are using SIL laser or CO2 laser cutter which having a 600*900mm bed area and can cut material up to 12mm. The software connected to it is RD Work. For importing any file this software we need to convert the file into (. dxf). The cutting, engraving and Scanning speed and power is possible to change. I am using a 2.06 mm Cardboard.

    Group Assignment - Kerf Calculation

    We decided to split up into three groups.. I'm in a SIL laser cutter group. I used this laser lot of time, but never calculate the kerf. So, we decided to check kerf for Cardboard with different power and speed.

    I designed a 40 X 30mm rectangular shape.we are tested 4 squares and tested them at different speed between 30 to 45 and power between 65 to 80, and we found the best result in speed 40 and power of 72, where the kerf achieved 40mm width kerf was 0.4mm and 30mm height kerf was 0.29mm.

    1.Made object in any software and save as .dxf file. Import file in RD works. RD works is machine software which is control speed and Power. also We can set different power and speed for different object by using different color. Gave speed and power for cutting and scanning. then downloaded it.

    2.Adjust the focus for minimizing the kerf and good cutting. This laser has manual focus adjustment. then Downloaded file or recent file is on the top. Select your file, press the file and then enter. Set the origin, check the frame and press "START" command for cutting.

    3.After cutting....

    4.Then checked kerf of each part. but we have a problem which only 2 square was cut because of low speed and power and other two was cut properly.

    This kerf was checked Horizontally.which is 39.60mm out of 40mm so here kerf was 0.4mm

    This kerf was checked Horizontally.which is 29.66mm out of 30mm so here kerf was 0.34mm

    I also tried the kerf calculation of another method. we used a color. in first box there was a same power with different speed. we take 20 X 20 mm rectangular.

    In first box there was a differnet power with same speed.

    this kerf was checked which is 20mm here kerf was 0.19mm

    Problem during scanning and cutting

  • Firstly, we just tested parts with with different speed and power.The engraver has a very high amount of kerf lining.that's why it was burned little bit.
  • Press-fit Paramatric design

    For press-fit kit I decided to make circle, Square shape in Solidworks. I used very simple method, i.e. when I change one dimension automatically other dimensions will change.

    1.I opened the solid works and select the front plane. I drew circles on this plane and gave dimension, i.e. 50mm diameter. I draw a centerline in center of circle.

    2. Then I want notch, so drew a notch and gave dimension and used circular pattern command. for the same notch in other three sides.

    3.gave global variable equation of diameter of circle.

    4.Also gave global variable equation of notches.

    5.I Also gave global Variable using Equations

    Out of which we concluded that at a speed of 30%, the ideal power is 30% to achieve a kerf of 0.20mm.

    After adding kerf.I again cut my files on laser.

    the parts are fitted..

    In paramatric pressfit design I tried to make Flower pot with pen stand and also lamp. 1.I used solidworks software for this design.I selected Front plane.then go to Sketch and drew a circular shape.drew a centrealine for alignment.then drew a notch as cardboard thickness with adding Kerf.after notch making I used circular pattern for similar pattern in circle.this was bottom sided circle with 120mm diameter.

    2.I did similar steps for 80mm diameter.this was top sided circle.

    3.then I drew outer design for flower pot.i used spine line for curve line and gave a shape.

    4.make nothch with same distance of circle notch.

    5.Flower pot can also used for pen stand or lamp.

    I tried to make something new in parametric design. so, I made a box with circular notch and flexible Pattern. 1.I Saw this design on google photo, then I decided to do it. Firstly, I took a rectangle with dimension. Then draw a flexible liner and notches.

    2.Here is the cut Parts

    3.I Assemble it any notchs.

    4.It can be fit anywhere

    flexible Purse

    In this task I made the flexible Purse for girls. for this I open the Corel draw I made a file in Corel Draw. in this only by making the line one after one we get this linear pattern.

    1.I Took Rectangular shape and draw on a surface. then make a flexible Patternon the center of rectangle shape with the 3mm distance of each line. after this step downloaded design image then I did trace bitmap of this image and set it outside of the flexible sheet.

    2. Then made design for the handle of the purse. for joining handle I used leather material.

    3. My design cut on the laser cutter. I set 250 scan power in laser that's why burn a stating scanning part of my purse design. then I set 350 powers in laser. then it scanned properly.

    4. We are also sewing lab. we also have sewing and Embroidery machine. After cutting purse design with laser. I was going to sew lab for joining the parts using leather cloth material on Sewing machine.

    5.Leather Measurement tape fabric scissor I used for cutting and joinning of leather.

    I did following steps.

    My flexible Purse is Ready

    You can Download Original Files HERE.

    Learning Outcomes

    In this assignment I learned about parametric design. this group assignment I calculated kerf. Made a lot of test parts with different speed and power. so work many times on the laser cutter. I have good experience with groups.