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I'm a Mechanical Engineer


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Anooj here, I was born on 15 July 1995 in a city called Kochi in India. I did my schooling in Vidyodaya school and later graduated my bachelors from TocH Institute Of Science and Technology as a Mechanical Engineer.
After graduation I was working as an engineer in the construction field in India and later in Dubai. While I was working I gave a lot of importance to design, architecture and aesthetics. I started solving problems and began exploring better ways of designing, and that leads me to product designing.
I alwalys had a great interest into designing, machining and manufacturing, and I am very keen on learning more into this field of designing and fabrication, and thats how I landed up into the Fab Academy.




It is an analog clock that shows local time by fetchng the time from the internet. The clock uses a esp32 microcontroller to connect to the WiFi and operate the mini stepper motors. The clock also shows the day light using the neopixel strips wrapped around the clock.
Another Interesting feature of the clock is that it can switch between time zones when you flick your hand in front of the in-built ultrasonic sensor, and at night if the ultrasonic sensor finds any movement in the room the clock produces a warm light and it can act as a night light.

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