About me

Hello everyone!

I am Eldho kurian. Recently finished my masters in material science from University Of Kiel, Germany and i did nanotechnology for my bachelors.

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final project

For my final project i would like to make a water based music visualizer which gives you a feeling of an optical illusion.

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weekly activities

Documentation of task which i did every week and the methodology through which i understood each topic.

Principles and practices

The main tasks for this week included creation of a website, to understand working of gitlab and to sketch a final project.

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Computer aided Design

The main goal is to understand how various 2d and 3d designing softwares work for eg:Gimp, Krita, inkscape, autocad, fusion360.

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Computer-controlled Cutting

Main tasks for this week includes laser cutting, learning about various parameteres in laser cutting and designing,

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Electronics Production

This week Assignment is to make an in-circuit programmer by milling the PCB.

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