Hello, I’m Cheng Pan


Welcome to my Fab Academy site

What is Fab Academy?

The Fab Academy program is a fast paced, project-based exploration of making things with the tools in the fab lab. It is how the fab lab network trains instructors. The learning is distributed, as opposed to distance: The tools and processes are introduced in a weekly global lecture (14:00 GMT) delivered centrally (normally by Neil Gershenfeld) and then the local lab provides support and tuition. The rest is self-motivated exploration of the topic for the week. See the list of weekly tasks to get an idea of the schedule. The weekly project assignments are compulsory, but the complexity of the outcome is variable and unprescribed past a certain base level of understanding. This approach leads to a lot of different ideas and outcomes, very different from the nearly identical products of a step-by-step tutorial. It is a learning approach that I really enjoy.